November 16, 2015
Albany, NY

Survey Participation, CL 819

CL-819: Survey Participation
MMCAP Survey on Drug and Alcohol Testing Products and Services

OGS CONTACTS: Julie Carlson | CMS 1 | 518-474-8077 | [email protected]


New York State is a member of the Minnesota Multistate Contracting Alliance for Pharmacy (MMCAP). This group purchasing organization was formed to pool member states’ purchasing volume in order to derive more attractive pricing for pharmaceutical products and services.

MMCAP is seeking input from authorized users regarding their needs for drug and alcohol testing products and services. Authorized users may receive a survey on MMCAP’s behalf requesting identifying information and usage information pertaining to the products and services mentioned above.

MMCAP assured OGS Procurement Services that any information shared as part of this survey is confidential, will be used for informational purposes only and will be retained within MMCAP. Authorized users may choose to participate in the survey although it is not connected with any current centralized contracts with MMCAP.

OGS Procurement Services has no plans to participate in a piggyback contract(s) for these goods or services at this time. If a need arises, OGS Procurement Services will review any contract(s) established by MMCAP.

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