December 9, 2015
Albany, NY

2016 - 2018 Natural Gas Filed Requirements (Revised)

CL-818: 2016 - 2018 Natural Gas Filed Requirements (Revised)
Natural Gas Firm & Indexed Pricing, Firm & Interruptible Supply

Please address inquiries to:

James Patrick CMS1 | 518-408-1026 | [email protected]


The period for filing requirements for the Natural Gas IFB is now open. The contract period is anticipated to run from November 2016 through August 2018 but will be awarded summer of 2016. We are using a web based system to collect filed requirements.

If your agency is planning on using the OGS contract for Natural Gas, please submit your requirements online by January 8, 2016 at:

You will need your username and password to enter the filing system. If you don’t have it, you need to create a new filing account. To register for the system, you will need your OGS Customer ID number. If you do not know your OGS Customer ID number, you may contact Procurement Services Customer Services at 518-474-6717 or [email protected] to obtain your OGS Customer ID number. If you do not currently have an OGS Customer ID number, you will need to contact Customer Services to register for one.

When You Submit Your Agency / Building Requirements:

The following information is available through your utility company or current ESCO (Energy Supply Co.)

1.) Your Utility Companies account number – NOT the current ESCO or contractors account number.

2.) For NYSEG Territory customers you will also need your POD number.

3.) For National Grid Upstate Territory Customers you will need to know which gate you are under.

  • West Gate – behind National Grid meter 20500 all locations west of and including Amsterdam
  • East Gate – behind National Grid meter 20550 all locations east of Amsterdam

4.) Fuel Balancing type – daily or monthly – and for users under National Fuel Utility Company you need to select capacity or non-capacity.

The Utility Companies: Consolidated Edison, Central Hudson, National Fuel, National Grid, NYS Electric & Gas (NYSEG), Orange & Rockland, Rochester Gas & Electric, and St. Lawrence Electric & Gas

New this Year: Hedging / Triggering

This year we are surveying users to determine intent in participating in a hedging/triggering (fixed price) program in the future. We added the choices of yes, most likely, least likely, or no. Please respond to one.

Hedging / Triggering - is a binding agreement between the Authorized User and Contractor (ESCO) that establishes a futures contract for a fixed (locked in) price for a set period of time and for an agreed upon monthly quantity.

Be sure to print your confirmation page for your records.

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