May 4, 2010

CL-723: Electronic Contract Payments

CL-723: Electronic Contract Payments
(Supersedes CL-723, dated March 31, 2010)
(Revised Telephone Number for the Office of the State Comptroller)

To All Prospective Bidders and Current Contractors:

On January 22, 2010, Governor David Paterson’s Office of Taxpayer Accountability issued a directive to all state agencies and public authorities that effective February 28, 2010, all contracts, grants and purchase orders shall contain a provision that requires contractors accept electronic payments for invoices unless payment by paper check is expressly authorized by the Commissioner, in the Commissioner’s sole discretion, due to extenuating circumstances.

Newly released bids for OGS centralized contracts contain language mandating such payments. Current contractors have always been, and continue to be, strongly encouraged to accept an “electronic payment” option in lieu of receiving paper checks as payments.

Arrangements to receive electronic payments may be made by visiting the Office of the State Comptroller’s (OSC) website to obtain an electronic payment authorization form at: You may also contact them by e-mail at [email protected] or by telephone at (518) 486-1255.

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