February 24, 2009
Albany, NY

CL-711: 2009 Lease Vehicle Information

CL-711: 2009 Lease Vehicle Information
Group: 40490 – Lease Vehicles (Cars, Vans, Pick-Ups & SUVs) (Statewide)

All State Agencies, Authorized Users and Interested Sellers:

Please be advised that the Office of General Services will not have a statewide contract award available for 2009 Model Year Lease Vehicles.

Agencies are advised to consider the following OGS Procurement Services Group contract for Passenger Vehicle Rental to meet short-term rental (up to 360 days) needs for Cars, Vans, SUVs and Pick- Up trucks: Group 72001 – Passenger Vehicle Rentals, Award 19536. This contract may be accessed at the following link: http://www.ogs.state.ny.us/purchase/snt/awardnotes/7200119536can.htm

The following categories of rental periods may be used with this contract:

1 - 6 Days

7 Days

8 - 30 Days

31 - 360 Days

Some highlighted terms and conditions from Award 19536 includes:

  • Vehicles meeting the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act are available.
  • Basic monthly rental costs include all costs and charges except gasoline.
  • Rental pricing includes unlimited mileage for vehicles used within the borders of New York State.
  • The statewide rental contract provides a 24-hour emergency service for travelers.
  • The Citibank Visa Travel Card provides full insurance coverage for all rentals for the first 31 days.
  • The contract allows for three drivers per rental vehicle.
  • No fees for early termination.

In addition, OGS has purchase contracts in place for 2009 Models. These contracts may also be accessed on OGS' website at: http://www.ogs.state.ny.us/purchase/default.asp.

Group Description Award
40400 Passenger Cars 20336
40401 Alternative Fueled Vehicles 20555 and 21055
40540 Passenger & Cargo Vans (Mini & High Roof) 21260
40540 Passenger & Cargo Vans 20338
40550 Sport Utility Vehicles 20598
40560 Pick-Up Trucks 20339


OGS anticipates a bid opening for 2010 Model Year Vehicles to occur in August 2009. Until such time when a new lease contract is awarded, agencies are instructed to obtain vehicles using one of the contracts above, or they may elect to procure vehicles following the State's procurement guidelines.

Agencies should refer to DOB Bulletin H-101 (see link below) for options on purchasing a vehicle over a period of three years. http://www.budget.state.ny.us/guide/bprm/h/h101.html

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