February 13, 2009
Albany, NY

CL-709: NYS DOT 5310 Program

CL-709: NYS DOT 5310 Program
Group: 40523 – Buses (Transit), Adult Passenger (DOT/FTA & Others)

Notice to All Bus Buyers and Vendors:

Please be aware that ALL vehicles purchased in New York through the Federal Transit Administration’s Section 5310 Program MUST be purchased from an approved Office of General Services contract, and only when authorized by the New York State Department of Transportation.

Both buyers and sellers should be aware that orders placed outside of a State contract, or at times when there is no State contract are NOT reimbursable. This applies only to New York’s Section 5310 Program.

The Office of General Services is working toward awarding a new contract for FTA-DOT Adult Passenger Buses. It is anticipated that a new contract will be in place by Spring 2009.

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