December 17, 2008
Albany, NY

CL-706: Warning Regarding Fraudulent Email and Internet Scamming

CL-706: Warning Regarding Fraudulent Email and Internet Scamming

To All State Agencies and Others Authorized to Use State Contracts:

State employees assigned Purchase and/or Travel cards periodically receive e-mail requests from senders posing as Citibank entities (‘Citicard’, ‘service@citibank’, etc.) asking the cardholder to use a provided link to ‘verify’ or ‘confirm’ the cardholder’s account information. (Example subject matter below.) THESE ARE NOT VALID REQUESTS AND YOU SHOULD NOT RESPOND.

December 2008 - The e-mail addresses "closing accounts and limiting account access" and is requesting cardholders to restore account access by clicking on a link to the Resolution Center.

August 2008 - E-mails (from airlines or third parties) stating that airline tickets have been charged against cardholder’s credit card. These e-mails have attachments which contain Trojan programs which may damage the user’s computer or allow unauthorized access to their computer.

April 2004 - E-mail received has the subject line "CitiBank Notification". E-mail instructs the cardholder to "…safeguard your account…" by using the provided link to "confirm your Citibank account details…"

April 2004 - E-mail from “Citicard” with a subject line of “Citi-Card (Email) Verification”. Stated purpose of this email is to verify your correct email address by using a provided website to enter your Citibank account number & ATM pin number.

Additional information on protecting your computer and credit card information from Internet Scamming is provided at or from the Federal Trade Commission. Another source of this type of information can be found from Citibank at . Click on "Security" at the top of the page.

If you have any questions or concerns or if you receive any suspicious emails related to Citibank Purchase or Travel Cards please contact the Purchasing Officer listed above.

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