June 2, 2016
Albany, NY

Update to List of Preferred Source Offerings, CL 624

CL-624: Update to List of Preferred Source Offerings

To All State Agencies and Others Authorized to Use State Contracts:

The List of Preferred Source Offerings is updated periodically to reflect the addition of new commodities and services and other changes relevant to the authorized users of NYS contracts. This bulletin is a summary of updates made to “The List” following the May 25, 2016 meeting of the NY State Procurement Council. In our continuing effort to provide our customers with comprehensive procurement information OGS will issue a General Information Bulletin following each Procurement Council meeting (generally quarterly), as needed, to advise State and local government purchasers of updates and newly listed items.

You may access the List of Preferred Source Offerings at http://www.ogs.ny.gov/procurecounc/pdfdoc/pslist.pdf.

Section Description of Update Preferred Source
A, B, C, D, E The List of Preferred Source Offerings is revised to reflect updates for the period October 2014 - June 2016. This revision includes alphabetization, re-grouping like items, new offerings, the addition of checkmarks to reflect newly approved offerings, and the removal of checkmarks from section headings, and the addition of definitions to approved service offerings. CORCRAFT, NYSPSP, NYSID
C Removal of duplicate entries and headings with no content. CORCRAFT, NYSPSP, NYSID
D Addition of service definitions under the following headings: Assemblies Call Center Services CD Replication Data Entry Food Services Furniture Refurbishment Garbage Pickup Grounds Maintenance and Janitorial Inventory Control Services Messenger Services Recycling Secure Document Destruction Transcription Warehousing/Distribution NYSPSP, NYSID
E Removal of duplicate entries and headings with no content. CORCRAFT, NYSPSP, NYSID
Introduction Updated contact information, mailing address, phone number, email address, website. CORCRAFT, NYSPSP, NYSID



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