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October 19, 2018

Updates to the Electronic Services Application, CL #624

CL-624-2018-08: Updates to the Electronic Services Application
Preferred Source Program Announcements CL #624-2018-08
To All State Agencies, Public Authorities, Commissions, Public Benefit Corporations or Political Subdivisions of the State of New York: 
Updates to the Electronic Services Application (ESA) for Preferred Source Services


OGS has revised the Electronic Services Application Form 1 – Purchasing Agency Statement of Work for Preferred Source Services, Form 2 – Preferred Source Facilitating Entity Service Application, and Form 4 – Purchasing Agency Acceptance of Preferred Source Service Application. The ESA Forms and How to Use guide are available in the General Resources section at:


In this case the Preferred Source Team requests that the implementation of the above mentioned revised forms be one month from the date of this CL posting. As a reminder, each time an application is to be filled out please retrieve it from the website so that you have the most recent version. OGS remains committed to the Preferred Source program. We look forward to continued cooperation to ensure opportunities are provided to individuals who are blind and to the severely disabled in compliance with State Finance Law. 

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