Truck spreading salt on a slippery road.

GreenNY Specification: Treated Road Salt

Covered Products

Treated Road Salt



Granular sodium chloride (rock salt) treated with corrosion inhibited liquid magnesium chloride – categorized as Type 1 or Type 2 treated salt. Type 1 is defined as rock salt treated with at least 25% Magnesium Chloride concentration (w/v). Type 2 is defined as rock salt treated with 13 - 24% Magnesium Chloride Concentration (w/v) plus a minimum of 12% Organic Based Performance Enhancer mixed in.

BOD5: Abbreviates “Biological Oxygen Demand” and refers to the amount of dissolved oxygen consumed in five days by bacteria that perform biological degradation of organic matter.



Where applicable and appropriate, available at a competitive cost and where it meets operational objectives, affected entities shall, to the maximum extent practicable, use treated salt as an alternative to untreated salt or sand. Affected entities are encouraged to use treated salt in environmentally sensitive areas. Sand is the least desirable alternative due to the potential for increased human health and ecological impacts.

Treated salt shall not exceed the concentrations of constituents listed below:


Constituents Concentration
Phosphorus 250.00 ppm
Cyanide 0.20 ppm
Arsenic 5.00 ppm
Copper 0.50 ppm
Lead 1.00 ppm
Mercury 0.05 ppm
Chromium 0.50 ppm
Cadmium 0.20 ppm
Barium 75.00 ppm
Selenium 5.00 ppm
Zinc 10.00 ppm


Sampling results shall be provided to the New York State Department of Transportation to demonstrate that a product meets the parameters above and for Type 2 treated salt, to indicate the product’s BOD5. Sampling shall be performed in accordance with ASTM D-345. BOD5 shall be expressed as mg/L. Product shall be tested using generally accepted industry standard analytical procedures as appropriate.

When Type 2 product choices are considered, affected entities are encouraged to utilize products with a phosphorus content lower than listed above as well as comparatively lower BOD5. In the event of equal prices for treated salt and with all other criteria being met, the lowest concentration of phosphorous shall be used in determining award.