Traffic cones blocking an area under construction.

Approved EO 4 Specification: Traffic Safety Products

Traffic Safety Products



Covered Products

Traffic Cones, Channelizer Drums, Flexible Delineator Posts



Postconsumer Material: A material or finished product that has served its intended use and has been diverted or recovered from waste destined for disposal, having completed its life as a consumer item. Postconsumer material is a part of the broader category of recycled materials.



Traffic safety products shall, to the maximum extent practicable, be composed of a minimum of 50% total recycled rubber or plastic material content and a minimum of 10% postconsumer content.


Item Total Recycled Post Consumer
Traffic Cones 50% 10%
Channelizer Drums w/ 25lb. base 50% 10%
Channelizer Drums w/ 40lb. base 50% 10%
Flexible Delineator Posts 50% 10%


The recommended recycled materials content levels are based on the dry weight of the raw materials, exclusive of any additives such as adhesive binders or coloring agents.