View of lighting fixtures hanging from a ceiling in an office setting.

Approved EO 4 Specification

Lighting Fixtures, Ballasts, and Lamps

Lighting Fixtures, Ballasts, and Lamps



To eliminate the purchase of inefficient lighting and high mercury content lighting in New York State facilities and require highly efficient lighting, including the use of mercury-free LED technology when possible.



On December 28, 2012, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo issued Executive Order No. 88, which directed state agencies to decrease energy consumption in state buildings by 20 percent in seven years. This directive, coupled with Executive Order No. 4 and statistics from the United States Department of Energy indicating lighting is the largest source of electricity consumption in commercial buildings, provide an awareness of the potential opportunity in energy efficiency. By procuring highly efficiency lighting, large cost-savings and emission reductions may be realized across state government. 

Highly efficiency lighting with little or no mercury content is now widely available to meet the state’s sustainability directives.



Lighting upgrades and retrofits can be performed in different ways. Frequently facilities conduct lamp or ballast change-outs without changing out complete fixtures. It is recommended that all options be considered when changing out lighting. This specification is broken out into fixtures (A), ballasts (B), and lamps (C). 

Specifications and recommendations are unique in these areas, though universal specifications and recommendations precede the specific breakouts. Please read the universal specifications and the specifications related to the fixtures, ballasts, or lamps being considered.