GreenNY Council Procurement Specification Approval Process

Executive Order No. 22 (EO 22) charges the GreenNY Council (“Council”) with the development of sustainable procurement specifications for use by covered State agencies and authorities (“Affected Entities). While EO 22 does not public participation requirements, the Council has adopted a two-step process for procurement specification approval in order to allow for public comment.

The first time that a procurement specification is reviewed and approved by the Council, it is posted as “tentatively approved” on the GreenNY web page.

Following tentative approval by the Council, draft procurement specifications will be posted on the GreenNY web page and notice of the posting and public comment period will be published in the both the NYS Register and Environmental Notice Bulletin. The co-chairs of the Council may determine additional appropriate outreach on a case-by-case basis.

The public comment period is 30 days from the date of publication in either the NYS Register or the Environmental Notice Bulletin, whichever is later. Public comments will be gathered by submittal to the GreenNY email address, [email protected] or by regular mail to any of the co-chairs of the Council.

The next or subsequent time that the Council meets, public comments are reviewed, the Council may make any needed edits or modifications, and if a majority of the Council votes affirmatively for final approval, the specification or amended specification is posted as “approved” and takes effect.

Approved by the GreenNY Council on December 14, 2022