Why buy or lease a zero emission vehicle (ZEV)?

In September 2022, Executive Order 22: Leading by Example: Directing State Agencies to Adopt a Sustainability and Decarbonization Program, established that the light-duty and medium- and heavy-duty State fleet vehicles will be comprised of entirely zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) by 2035 and 2040, respectively. ZEVs include battery electric vehicles (BEVs), plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. New York State is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 85% by 2050. Since the transportation sector is the second highest emitting sector in New York State, replacing internal combustion engine vehicles with ZEVs is critical to reaching this goal.

State entities integrating ZEVs into their fleet will see benefits, which include lower operational costs, given the need for less servicing and no oil changes. Additionally, electricity costs are typically less than the cost of refueling with gasoline. This all contributes to a generally lower total cost of ownership of ZEVs than internal combustion engine vehicles.

All agencies subject to E.O. #22 must submit a ZEV conversion plan for their light duty fleet by the end of 2023. To access the conversion plan template, please reach out to [email protected].

Right-Size and Right-Type Fleet Vehicles

Purchase the Right Number of Vehicles

Analyzing your fleet to assess for electrification readiness is key. After a statewide fleet analysis, each agency was assigned a right-size number, which is the number of vehicles determined to be necessary to perform an agency’s functions. When you are procuring vehicles, be sure to surplus existing fleet vehicles at a rate that will keep you within your approved right-size number.


Purchase the Right Vehicle for the Job

One of the simplest ways to green your fleet is to ensure you have properly sized vehicles for your agency’s operational needs. This is known as right-typing. When ordering a new vehicle, look at its duty cycle and choose the smallest and most efficient vehicle to get the job done.

Based on best-available data, the majority of New York State’s light duty fleet non-emergency vehicles make short, local trips. This would enable entities to use ZEVs as a suitable option in most cases, so long as the vehicle specifications needed for your program have available makes and models. PHEVs can be used where vehicles need to travel longer distances and to more remote locations with less existing charging infrastructure, with a total range often exceeding 500 miles. 

While PHEVs can run on gasoline alone, to realize the full range potential and emission reduction benefits of a PHEV, it is best to plug it in.


Use the Correct-Sized Vehicle for the Job

Another simple way to green your fleet is to ensure that employees are using the correct-sized vehicle for the job. For example, use a sedan to drive to a meeting, not a van or a pick-up. Many agencies use a reservation system that asks what the employee plans to use the vehicle for and assigns vehicles accordingly. By ensuring that you use the most efficient vehicle for the job you will save money


Procure Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs)

New York State Vehicle Marketplace: New York State is committed to increasing the number of ZEVs in the state’s fleets to help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. ZEVs are available on the New York Vehicle Marketplace, a centralized contract managed by the Office of General Services. Any eligible user (agencies, authorities, local governments, school districts and other eligible non-profits) can use the marketplace to solicit a ZEV; be sure to specify that you want a ZEV in your mini-bid request.

In addition, the Office of General Services occasionally organizes aggregate purchases of ZEVs. To find out if there is an aggregate purchase taking place when you are ready to buy, please contact the Fleet Management office: [email protected]

Use Advanced Fleet Management

Green your fleet by ensuring it is operating as efficiently as possible. Consider using a fleet management system that tracks vehicle usage, mileage, and maintenance to make sure that your vehicles aren't traveling more miles than necessary on trips and are getting the expected fuel economy. OGS Fleet Management oversees the state’s fleet management system, FleetWave. For especially large assets, DOB and DOT operate a separate management system, AMS. For more information on how to report your vehicles, please see budget bulletin D-0750.

Vehicle telematics systems can provide further insight into fleet usage, allowing entities to track key metrics and gain valuable insights, including:

  • The distance to your nearest available charging station
  • How the vehicles are driven, allowing you to see if driver habits are using more fuel than necessary or if a vehicle is a prime candidate for electrification.

Charging A State Vehicle At State-Owned Charging Stations

To charge a state vehicle at state-owned charging stations, contact OGS Parking Services to enroll in their ZEV charging program. By enrolling, you can charge your state-owned vehicles at OGS ZEV Charging Station locations. OGS Parking Services will provide EV Connect RFID fobs which can be swiped for payment, although your agency will not incur a fee for the charging. Be cognizant that the stations are shared with state employees for charging personal vehicles, so do not leave your car idling after the charge is complete. 

To enroll, contact OGS Parking Services at [email protected].

Use “NYS Fleet Fob Request for OGS-owned Chargers (Agency Name)” in the subject line.

EV Training

Visit the EV Training page for resources provided to Affected Entities under Executive Order 22 and other New York State government entities seeking to train staff on a variety of topics related to electric vehicles (EVs).

ev training resources

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