Be Plant Wise - Plant Native Species

Even small invasive species can cause big problems. When selecting plants for your lawn and garden make sure that they are native species. Use DEC’s Plant Wise brochure to learn about native varieties of common plants used in landscaping.

Protect Pollinators

Bees, birds, and other pollinators play a vital role in the health of our ecosystems and economy. You can help protect them planting a pollinator garden made of native flower species in your yard and avoiding plants that have been treated with neonicotinoid pesticides. Learn more from the Protecting Pollinators Lunchtime Learning webinar below.


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Protecting Pollinators

Look for Zero and Only Use Phosphorus-free Lawn Fertilizer

If you do purchase and use fertilizer on your lawn make sure that it is phosphorus free. Phosphorus is one of the leading causes of water pollution in New York and excess levels of it from lawn runoff can significantly harm water bodies. You can ensure that you’re fertilizer is phosphorus free by looking for the “zero” on the package. The middle of three numbers on it is the amount of phosphorus it contains. Learn more on DEC’s website.

Zero phosphorus


Quick Tips
  • Leave lawn clippings on your lawn. Not only does this decrease emissions from transporting the clippings, but they provide natural fertilizer for your lawn.
  • Consider electric lawn equipment to reduce small engine emissions.