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Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

Benefits to Green Cleaning

New York State leads the nation in healthy, sustainable public facilities management. By using green cleaning products to clean our schools and buildings, New York State is promoting a safer, more productive environment for our employees, children, and visitors.

Why go green? Consistent use of green cleaning products:

  • Removes toxins from indoor environments.
  • Reduces airborne dust and chemical gases.
  • Promotes better health and well-being for building occupants
  • Lowers the environmental footprint of your facility.
  • Promotes the efficient use and management of products and cleaning best practices.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple products – one green cleaner can do the job of many standard cleaners.
  • Saves money through competitive pricing, product consolidation or elimination.

Green Cleaning & EO 4

Under Executive Order 4, state agencies, public authorities, and public benefit corporations are required to purchase cleaning products that meet the following environmental specifications:

New York States Green Cleaning Law

The Green Cleaning Law (Chapter 584 of the Laws of 2005) requires elementary and secondary schools to procure and use environmentally sensitive cleaning and maintenance products under the guidelines provided by the Office of General Services. OGS maintains a list of approved green cleaning products for schools to reference in compliance with the law.


Updated March 17, 2020

The list of Green Cleaning products does NOT include disinfectants. To identify disinfection products that are EPA and DEC registered and specifically labeled as effective for COVID-19 please see the DEC list at:

For further guidance on cleaning and disinfecting in schools and other public and private facilities, please see the following guidance from the New York State Department of Health:


approved green cleaning products list

Where to Buy

Preferred Sources (NYS agencies only)

Green cleaning products, also known as environmentally preferred cleaning products, are available for purchase through Preferred Sources. If you work for a state agency, you must consider purchasing through Preferred Sources first. Learn more about buying from a Preferred Source, including product offerings and a step-by-step How-to-Buy guide on the Procurement Services website.


Preferred sources


OGS Centralized Contract (all authorized users): Environmentally Preferable Cleaning Products (Group 39000, Award 22830)

The Environmentally Preferable Cleaning Products contract is a multi-state procurement that includes 11 product categories of environmentally preferable cleaning products. All the green chemicals and janitorial paper products included in this contract are required to be “Independently Third-Party Certified,” which means that the environmental claims, as well as the product performance, are tested and certified by an established and legitimate, nationally-recognized third-party certification program.


Green cleaning contract

Learn More!

Join New York's Green Cleaning Program!

New York State makes it easy to be green! The New York State Green Cleaning Program website provides a wealth of resources to implement and manage a comprehensive Green Cleaning Program, including:

  • Best Practices
  • Online Training
  • Documents and Templates
  • Approved Greening Clean Products List


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