Sustainable Landscaping

New York State agencies and authorities own or lease a significant percentage of the 31,106,541 acres in New York State. In a natural condition, the environment performs critical, life-supporting functions, such as cleaning the air and water, controlling floodwater, moderating temperature and wind, and providing wildlife habitat. However, human development can interrupt our natural systems. Sustainable landscape design and best practices support the natural environment in reducing the impact of developed land, such as paved lots. Learn more:


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Pollinator Protection

New York State is home of more than 450 wild pollinator species, including bees, birds and other insects, that support not only pollination needs for commercial crops, but also the biodiversity in our environment. With insect populations on the decline all over the world, it is crucial to protect our pollinators. For example, the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee which was once native to NYS has not been sighted in NYS since before 2006 and is now globally recognized as an endangered species. Learn more about how state facilities can support and protect pollinators by providing a diversity of native, non-invasive flowering plant and tree species, habitat necessary for nesting and minimizing the health stressors:


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