GreenNY Purchasing Requirements and Tools

Approved EO 4 Specifications

Executive Order 4, Establishing a State Green Procurement and Agency Sustainability Program, established the creation of green procurement lists and specifications of commodities, services, and technology for use by state agencies during a procurement. The specifications identify product criteria that will:

  • Reduce or eliminate the health and environmental risks from the use or release of toxic substances;
  • Minimize the risks of the discharge of pollutants into the environment;
  • Minimize the volume and toxicity of packaging;
  • Maximize the use of recycled content and sustainably managed renewable resources; and
  • Provide other environmental and health benefits.


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Tentatively Approved EO 4 Specifications

The Interagency Committee on Sustainability and Green Procurement selects priority categories of commodities, services, and technology for the development of green product specifications. The following tentative green specifications are open for public comment prior to full adoption.


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Find Green Products

Preferred Sources or on Centralized Contract

The EO 4 Interagency Committee on Sustainability and Green Procurement partners with OGS Procurement Services to identify products available on Centralized Contract and from Preferred Sources that meet the state's EO 4 Sustainability Product Specifications. Green your purchases by using the tools below to identify products that meet green specifications.


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