Carpet Cleaning Practices

  • Phase out or replace old vacuum cleaners with OGS-approved vacuums listed on the OGS Green Cleaning Product List.
  • Use extraction equipment that removes enough moisture to dry carpets within 24 hours. (LEED-EB IEQ 3.7) This is vital in reducing the growth of mold in carpets.
  • Maintain vacuum cleaners and filters regularly. Follow manufacturers' recommended maintenance frequency and operations for optimal performance.
  • Use only OGS-approved vacuum filters and bags. Always have a supply of filters and bags in stock and make sure they are properly installed.
  • Use auto-scrubbers, wet vacuums, and/or spray-and-vacuum systems for dry and wet soil removal.


  • Only use carpet cleaners approved for use by OGS and listed on the OGS Green Cleaning Product List.
  • Use the least amount of moisture and cleaning product for spot cleaning.
  • Minimize the amount of product used by following the manufacturer's recommended dilutions.  This can eliminate product waste and reduce residual cleaner on surfaces.


  • Vacuum carpets and rugs regularly to significantly reduce the need for carpet cleaning products.
  • Always dry vacuum before using carpet extraction cleaning methods.
  • Use cleaning methods recommended by the carpet's manufacturer.
  • Create a school wide policy for timely reporting of spills to custodial staff.