Introduction to Green Cleaning

Basics of Green Cleaning

This training manual focuses primarily for operations and maintenance staff at the supervisory and custodian level, including the following: Sources of soil in a facility: Worker Safety; Levels of clean or service levels; Physical/chemical characteristics of soil; General frequency of cleaning tasks.

Restroom Cleaning

This training manual relates specifically to restroom cleaning practices and procedures, including best practices; typical restroom complaints and neglected areas; and specific steps for restroom cleaning.


    Restroom Training Manual

    Basic understanding of, and requirements for, cleaning restrooms with incorporated green cleaning practices and the use of OGS approved cleaning products.



Supervisory (Managing Change/Transition)

This training manual will provide an overview of successfully transitioning to a green cleaning program through stakeholder buy-in.

Carpet Care and Maintenance

This training manual will provide a basic understanding of carpet care.

Floor Care and Maintenance - Part 1 & 2

The Floor care and maintenance training manual is divided into the following two parts: 1. Routine Maintenance 2. Advanced Floor Care Procedures

Enhanced Green Cleaning Guidance to Reduce the Spread of Communicable Disease

This training manual provides a comprehensive approach to mitigating disease transmission in schools and state agencies, and employs a suite of prevention strategies that includes administrative, engineering, and behavioral controls such as proper cough etiquette and hand hygiene.