Register for the eMarketplace

To access the NYS eMarketplace directly you need a login. Please provide the following information and an account will be created for you. Your login information will be sent to the email address that you provide by the end of the next business day. If there is an issue with your account information you will be contacted.  

State Agencies: You are encouraged to first use the Statewide Financial System (SFS) to access the eMarketplace, but there may be times when you need to make a purchase outside of SFS. Complete this registration form for direct access to the eMarketplace where you will be able to use your Procurement Card (p-card) to make your purchase. 

If you don't remember your authorized user number or if you have questions, please contact Customer Services at [email protected] or call 518.474.6717. 

Administrators/Super-users will be able to create accounts for other buyers in their organization.
I attest that I am associated with the organization named above and have been duly authorized to make purchases for or on behalf of such organization.