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Fleet Management

Vehicle Purchasing

Submit a Business Case for State Vehicles and AMS Acquisitions

For all State vehicles and rolling-stock assets, this business case must be used in conjunction with the policies set forth in DOB BPRM D-750 State Vehicle Acquisitions and it is required for DOB and Executive Chamber approval. Upon internal agency approval, submit your Business Case for State Vehicles and AMS Acquisitions to OGS Fleet Management, then to your DOB analyst, and finally to your Deputy Secretary. Please ensure you address and answer all questions in the Business Case precisely and thoroughly.

Zero Emission Vehicles

OGS supports the use of Zero Emission Vehicles to restore, preserve and protect New York’s valuable environmental resources; help to reduce air pollutants to ensure a clean environment in New York for current and future generations, and contribute to the nationwide effort to reduce dependence on foreign sources of petroleum.

EV Charging Options for State Vehicles

State agencies can enroll in an EV charging pilot to charge their state-owned ZEVs at commercial stations using their WEX account at ChargePoint, EV Connect, EVGo and Flo stations. Once enrolled, WEX will provide the agency with an RFID fob which is tied to that vehicle's WEX card. When the RFID is used, the charging cost incurred will show up on the agency’s monthly WEX card bill. To enroll, contact Janet Parker [email protected].

When charging your vehicle at commercial stations, please be aware that station usage may incur an ‘idle’ fee for vehicles left on the charger after the charge is complete.

State agencies can also charge their ZEVs at OGS owned charging stations. Agencies who enroll with OGS Parking Services will be provided EV Connect RFID fobs to use at these locations. To enroll in this program, contact OGS Parking Services [email protected]. Use “NYS Fleet Fob Request for OGS-owned Chargers (Agency Name)” in the subject line.

When charging your vehicle at state-owned stations, please be cognizant that the stations are shared with state employees for charging personal vehicles. Please do not leave the vehicle idle after the charge is complete. 

For additional information, follow the helpful links below:

Inventory Maintenance

Request a State Vehicle ID Number 
  1. Contact OGS Fleet Management to request a state vehicle ID number for the following types of PASSENGER vehicles:
  • Subcompact, compact, mid-size, full-size wagons and sedans 8,500 lbs or under
  • 4x2, 4x4, and AWD utility vehicles, all capacity even if over 8,500 lbs
  • 4x2, 4x4 pickup trucks 8,500 lbs or under
  • Passenger vans, all capacity, even if over 8,500 lbs
  1. Contact the Department of Transportation at [email protected] to request a state vehicle ID number for the following types of vehicles:
  • Pickup trucks over 8,500 lbs
  • Dump trucks, stake trucks, buses, utility (cargo vans), box vans, box trucks, step vans, motorcycles, lawnmowers, tractor trailers, tractors, trailers, all-terrain vehicles
  • Anything considered equipment
New York State Fuel Cards 

New York State Fuel Cards are for use at all state-owned fueling stations. The following form is for use by the agency’s fleet coordinator. If you are not your agency’s fleet coordinator, contact OGS Fleet Management.

New York State Fleet Management System (FleetWave) Access

To request or remove user access to the New York State Fleet Management System, State agency fleet coordinators must complete and submit the NYS Fleet-User Request Form.

Fleet Inventory Changes

To request fleet inventory changes to the New York State fleet management system – including adding or removing vehicles to the state inventory, or changing information on an existing vehicle – state agency fleet coordinators must complete and submit the appropriate form below. If you are not an agency fleet coordinator, contact OGS Fleet Management.

Accident Information

Report an Accident

When involved in a state vehicle accident, the operator of the state vehicle must complete and sign the Department of Motor Vehicles’ Report of Motor Vehicle Accident Form (MV-104) in its entirety. Submit a copy of the MV-104 to your agency’s fleet or accident coordinator for transmittal to OGS Fleet Management.

For any accident occurring in New York State causing death, personal injury, or damage over $1,000, it is the driver's responsibility to submit a Department of Motor Vehicles’ Report of Motor Vehicle Accident Form (MV-104) within 10 days. OGS Fleet Management does not file reports with the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Inquiries and/or correspondence from claimants and/or their insurance companies, as well as any medical bills for passengers of state vehicles, should always be directed to OGS Fleet Management for proper handling. If you receive any direct correspondence from claimants and/or their insurance companies, forward to OGS Fleet Management. In order to identify our file, please include the state driver's name and the date of accident on all correspondence.

New York State Accident Review Board

All New York State agencies are required to fill out and submit an NYS Accident Review Board, Vehicle and Equipment Accident Report form if the accident resulted in any of the following:

  • An incident involving a fatality;
  • An incident which has had or will have a significant negative impact on New York State’s insurance premiums and/or insurance coverages;
  • An instance in which the New York State operator has accumulated two (2) or more moving accidents (i.e., a vehicle in motion) within a 24-month period;
  • Incident(s) in which a New York State vehicle(s) is deemed to be a “total loss” where frequency and/or cost appear to be factors;
  • An incident resulting in $5,000 or more in property damage;
  • An incident resulting in $10,000 or more in bodily injury damages;
  • Incident raising questions or concerns about fleet policy or procedure from a state risk management perspective; and
  • An incident that is a legal violation that is reported through the Department of Motor Vehicles License Event Notification Service (LENS) program.

Self-Retained Auto Program

View the Self-Retained Auto Program policy by downloading the following document:

Fleet Corner

The Fleet Corner is open to all New York State government fleet managers and is a comprehensive resource for vehicle-related policies and procedures, links to the Vehicle Marketplace, FleetWave and AMS, and FAQs to assist you in managing your fleet. To request access, email [email protected].

Fleet Management Forms