Picture of a truck the Town of Galway converted into a snowplow.

Federal Surplus Success Stories

State and local governments achieve savings with federal surplus property.
Federal Surplus Success Stories

Federal Surplus in the News
Dutchess County Community College Saves Millions

This federal surplus Gulfstream G-3 once flew as Air Force One and will now be used to train aircraft mechanics as part of Dutchess County Community College's new airframe and powerplant certification program.
Picture of Gulfstream G3 acquired through the Federal Surplus property program.
Creating a Plow Truck
Town of Galway

The Town of Galway saved taxpayers $42,240 with the help of OGS by repurposing this federal surplus truck into a snow plow instead of buying new.


Picture of a federal surplus truck.
Picture of a truck the Town of Galway converted into a snowplow.



Repurpose Federal Surplus Trucks
Town of Walton

The Town of Walton converted the Freightliner into a snow plow and dump truck. 


Army surplus truck.


Former army surplus truck repurposed into a snowplow.


Water Truck
Fulton County Department of Solid Waste

Fulton County Department of Solid Waste saved over $100,000 with OGS Federal Surplus Property, a few spare parts and a little ingenuity.   


Federal Surplus truck turned into a water spray truck saving taxpayers money


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