Federal Surplus property.

Federal Surplus Property Program

Federal Surplus Property Program


The OGS Federal Surplus Property Program is responsible for the administration and distribution of donated federal surplus property (excluding real estate) to eligible organizations, including:

  • State or municipal government agencies;
  • Tribal nations;
  • Tax-exempt non-profit health and educational organizations;
  • Educational radio and television stations; and
  • Museums and public libraries. 

The acquisition and use of federal surplus property save OGS customers millions of dollars each year. Recipients are only obligated to pay an administrative fee to OGS for the transfer of the property. 

Organizations must register with OGS and be approved as an eligible organization in order to acquire federal surplus property. Use the eligibility applications below. 

Find Available Federal Surplus Property

OGS identifies federal surplus items for acquisition and will perform searches to locate special request items. Examples of previously acquired federal surplus property items include helicopters, boats, backhoes, bulldozers, printers and copiers, trailers, vehicles, and a variety of other miscellaneous equipment. 


List of Currently Available federal surplus property

Property Viewing Dates

Apply for Eligibility - State & Local Governments

Application for eligibility for state agencies, municipalities, and tribal nations. 

Apply for Eligibility - Fire Departments

Application for eligibility for fire departments. 

Apply for Eligibility - Non-Profit Educational Organizations

Application for eligibility by tax-exempt, non-profit health and educational organizations. 

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