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New York State’s Harlem Art Collection was conceived in 1976 to draw public attention to and celebrate the Harlem art community. The pieces, created by Black and Hispanic artists, were submitted for consideration to, and subsequently selected by, the Harlem State Office Building Committee on Arts and Culture. The committee was created and organized in 1975 by then Senator H. Carl McCall with representation from state and city governments and the Harlem business community.

The resulting collection is comprised of more than 100 works of art, including painting, sculpture, photography, prints, and mixed-media, by 65 artists. Several of these artists are now considered major contributors to the history of American art, and to one of the most important art movements of the 20th century.

The works in the collection cover a span of over 100 years and include works by artists from the Harlem Renaissance up to the mid-1970s. The collection is graced by distinguished artists like Jacob Lawrence, Hale Woodruff, Norman Lewis, Elizabeth Catlett, Palmer Hayden, Howardena Pindell, David Hammons, and more.

The use of the Harlem Art Collection, in art institutions across the nation and by scholars and art historians, is testimony of its potential as a resource that enriches the lives of individuals in New York and beyond.

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List of Artworks
Artist Title Year Medium
Benny Andrews War Study #5 1974 oil on canvas, collage
Luis Cruz Azaceta  The Jungle (La Jungla) 1975 oil on canvas
Anthony Barboza Senegal (aka Fadiouth Senegal) 1972 silver gelatin
Anthony Barboza Norman Lewis, Painter 1977 silver gelatin
Tony Bechara Xanadu 1976 painting/acrylic on fabric (cotton dusk)
Dawoud Bey In the Streets Our Future Becoming 1953 silver gelatin
Charles Bible Funny n.d. oil on panel
David Boxer Very Tormented 1974 mixed media collage triptych
Kay Brown Sister Alone in Rented Room 1972 etching on paper
Vivian Browne Littlemen #2 n.d. oil on canvas
Viola Burley The Masquerade 1975 lithograph on paper
Roger Cabán Untitled II 1975 silver gelatin
Bernard Cameron Untitled #4 1976 graphite on paper
Robert Carter Made in the U.S.A n.d. mixed media on pressed wood board
Elizabeth Catlett Woman Figure 1976 wood
Barbara Chase-Riboud Black Dream Column 1976 painted steel
Barbara Chase-Riboud Untitled 1973 charcoal, charcoal pencil, and ink with engraving and aquatint on heavy weight, wove, Canson paper
Ed Clark Untitled 1975 oil on canvas
Leroy Clarke I Accuse 1972 oil on canvas
Cornelia Cole Three Mouthed Vase 1975 glazed clay stoneware
Orlando Condeso So Much Dragging Our Shadows 1971 etching on paper
David Cottes The Ride 1970 oil on canvas
James Count Black Female '76 1976 cast plaster
Adger Cowans Harlem 1958 1958 silver gelatin on paper
Adger Cowans Nude #22 n.d. silver gelatin on paper
Ernest Crichlow Waiters 1969-1970 silver gelatin on paper
Roy DeCarava 7th Avenue Express 1952-1953 silver gelatin on paper
Joseph Delaney Brooklyn Dodgers Victory Parade 1955-1956 oil on canvas
James Denmark Head of a Young Black Woman 1969 welded bronze
Ralph Downs Untitled 1976 pastel/tempera on panel
Louis Draper Harlem Approximately 1962 1962 silver gelatin on paper
Minnie Evans Untitled 1952 multiple colors of a wax-based media, gold paint, and black felt-tip pen over graphite on medium weight, wove paper 
Minnie Evans Untitled 22 1952 multiple colors of a wax-based media, gold paint, and black felt-tip pen over graphite on medium weight, wove paper 
Frederick John Eversley Reflections of Soul n.d. plexiglass and wood
Elton Fax Market Place #1 Accra 1963 crayon and ink on paper
Sita Gomez Wrestlers 1966 mixed media
David Hammons Dreadlock Series 1976 mixed media, hair, and wire
David Hammons Untitled #17 1976 monotype (body print)on heavyweight, black, wove paper
Inge Hardison Sojourner Truth 1968 cast alvastone
Bill Harris Special Delivery Messenger 1975 watercolor, crayon, pencil on paper
Joe Harris Altar for Clifford Glover 1976 xerogram on paper
Palmer Hayden Home Sweet Home 1930 watercolor
Palmer Hayden The Subway 1941 oil on canvas
Barkley Hendricks Lamont on the Case 1976 oil on canvas
James Huff Reflections 1975 graphite on paper
Richard Hunt Untitled Spring of '76 1976 lithograph on paper
Harlan Jackson African Series Phoenix n.d. acrylic on canvas
Suzanne Jackson Grand Canyon 1976 mixed media
Catti James Joy 1976 mixed media
Noah Jemisin Acapulco Gold 1976 watercolor on paper
Benjamin Jones Funky Elegance 1/24 1975 silkscreen on paper
Bill Kelly A. Philip Randolph 1972 color photograph on paper
Bill Kelly Dr. John L. S. Holloman 1972 color photograph on paper
Winston Kennedy Untitled 1974 etching on paper
Jacob Lawrence The Masquerade 1954 tempera on panel
Hughie Lee-Smith Boy Reading n.d. oil on canvas
Norman Lewis Seascape 1973 oil and pastel on paper
Fern Logan Transition 1974-1975 silver gelatin
Adal Maldonado A Self-Defeating Gesture 1976 silver gelatin
Jimmie Mannas Untitled 2E (or No Way Out, NYC) 1963 silver gelatin
Richard Mayhew Moody Space Blues n.d. etching on paper
Valerie Maynard Ascension n.d. wood
Dindga McCannon American Queen 1976 acrylic and fabric on canvas
Nii Ahene Mettle-Nuno Aura and Oracles in the Spirit World 1976 mixed media on rice paper
Algernon Miller Untitled n.d. stainless steel
Leita Mitchell Street Livin' n.d. collage on paper board
Otto Neals Woman in the Wind 1975 collagraph on paper
Jemisi Obanjoko Stand By Me or Day-Light 1976 acrylic on canvas
Ademola Olugebefola The Blue-Eyed Pied Piper 1965 oil on canvas
James Phillips Unknown n.d. acrylic on linen
Howardena Pindell Untitled 1 1975 paper, thread, ink on board
Ted Pontiflet James Baldwin with Harlem Background n.d. color photograph
Abdul Rahman We Were Prepared 1976 oil on canvas
George Robinson Jessica Brown and Playmate n.d. silver gelatin
Jorge Luis Rodriguez Untitled 1976 charcoal on paper
Jorge Luis Rodriguez Vespers 1975 watercolor on paper
Pablo Romero Pampero 1976 mixed media
Charles Searles Two Dancing Figures 1977 oil on paper
James Sepyo Forward 1969 acrylic on canvas
Ed Sherman What's in the Bag? 1968 silver gelatin
Coreen Simpson Cooking is My Game 1974 silver gelatin
George Smith Kern's Section n.d. steel
Vincent Smith The Movers and The Shakers 1968 oil on canvas
May Stevens Big Daddy Paper Doll 1971 silkscreen on paper
John Stevenson Charles Coofer II n.d.  fabric collage with charcoal and colored pastels on card 
John Stevenson Man in Gray Sweatshirt n.d. fabric collage with charcoal and colored pastels on card
John Stevenson Pugilists 1986 compound string, charcoal, tempera and silhouetted paper figures
John Stevenson Two Boxers 1968-1970 charcoal, pastel, metallic pigment on silhouetted paper over collage of fabric and painted paper, in shadow-box frame
John Stevenson Untitled n.d. pastel and chalk on paper mounted on paper
John Stevenson Untitled (Corey, Alice and Ace) n.d. collage of fabric, pencil, pastel and crayon on two framed sheets in shadow box
John Stevenson Untitled: a pair n.d. Painted plinths with a painted column with articulated black figures and sofa with a painted compound string and detached figure along with two model signs, one attached watermelon
Sharon Sutton First Hilltown Series I 1974 silkscreen on paper
Sharon Sutton First Hilltown Series II 1974 silkscreen on paper
Sharon Sutton Islands of Friday 1976 collage on paper
Russ Thompson Selma Accumulation 1975 photo lithograph
Jose Urbach Reconstruction #2 n.d. paper and plastic film collage with offset printing
James Van Der Zee Atlantic City, 1930 1930 silver gelatin
James Van Der Zee Daddy Grace, Harlem, 1938 1938 silver gelatin
James Van Der Zee Swimming Team, Harlem, 1925 1925 silver gelatin
James Van Der Zee

Marcus Garvey & the Garvey Militia – Harlem 1924

1924 silver gelatin
James Van Der Zee Black Jews, 1929 1929 silver gelatin
James Van Der Zee Mrs. Turner Lenox, Mass. 1905 silver gelatin
James Van Der Zee The Van Der Zee Men, Lenox, Mass., 1908 1908 silver gelatin
James Van Der Zee Miss Suzie Porter 1915 silver gelatin
James Van Der Zee Wedding Day, Harlem, 1926 1925 silver gelatin
James Van Der Zee Whittier Preparatory School, Phoebus, Virginia, 1907 1907 silver gelatin
Shawn Walker NYC #8 1965-1966 silver gelatin
Pheoris West Cornerin' 1976 acrylic on canvas
Grace Williams African War Shield n.d. acrylic on canvas
Randy Williams Untitled Music Series 2/3 1976 acrylic on canvas
Randy Williams Untitled A-22 1967 mixed media
Hale Woodruff Celestial Gate 1969 oil on canvas
Rodner Wright The Family n.d. torched cut/welded steel