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2018 NY GovBuy

Empire State Plaza

Empire State Plaza Convention Center
Albany, NY 12242
United States

2018 Courses

Title Audience
When and How to Use Discretionary Spending State Agencies
New: What's new at the Business Services Center (BSC)? State Agencies
NEW: Benefits of a Streamlined Procurement & Payment Process (RECORDED) State Agencies
Ethics for Procurement Officials State Agencies
Procurement Rules for Local Governments and School Districts Local Governments & School Districts
New: Purchasing: A Legal Perspective Local Governments & School Districts
New: Public Procurement and the New Shared Services Environment - Opportunities and Challenges (RECORDED) Local Governments & School Districts
NEW: How to Write a Purchasing Manual Local Governments & School Districts
NEW: Cooperative and Piggybacking Best Practices Local Governments & School Districts
NEW: Acquiring Contract Solutions through General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Contracts Local Governments & School Districts
Municipal Purchasing Do's and Don'ts Local Governments & School Districts
Local Governments: What You Need to Know About Purchasing (RECORDED) Local Governments & School Districts
The Complete Guide to RFPs (RECORDED) All Attendees
Specifications and Scopes of Work Made Easy All Attendees
Procurement Records: Why They're Important & How to Create Them All Attendees
Preferred Sources Buying Strategies All Attendees
NEW: Using the Preferred Sources Electronic Services Application All Attendees
New: Government Speak: Presenting Like a Pro (RECORDED) All Attendees
NEW: Who Is OGS and How to Navigate Our Website All Attendees
New: Trends and Pathways for Government Procurement (RECORDED) All Attendees
NEW: Reverse Auctions: A New Powerful Procurement Tool for Your Toolbelt (RECORDED) All Attendees
NEW: Internships – Attracting and Fostering the Procurement Workforce of Tomorrow All Attendees
NEW: Insurance Requirements: Understanding the Terminology All Attendees
NEW: Go Green! Green Procurement Resources (RECORDED) All Attendees
NEW: Developing Insurance Requirements Specific to Scopes of Work - Case Studies All Attendees
NEW: Contract Insurance Requirements: When/Why Coverage is Needed All Attendees
NEW: Buy NY Food All Attendees
NEW: Advanced Procurement Best Practices All Attendees
IT Umbrella Manufacturer and Distributor Contracts: Case Studies in how to procure IT products All Attendees
IT Project Based Information Technology Services (PBITS) Contracts: Case Studies in how to procure IT Project Based Services (RECORDED) All Attendees
Increasing MWBE Participation in Your Contracts All Attendees
Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) (RECORDED) All Attendees
Best Practices for contracting with Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses All Attendees
Are You Prepared? An Overview of the 1122 Public Safety Procurement Program All Attendees