A surplus vehicle auction from 1966.

The Enduring Popularity of OGS Surplus Vehicle Auctions

The Enduring Popularity of OGS Surplus Vehicle Auctions
Going Once, Going Twice...

The make and models may have changed, but the New York State surplus vehicle auctions are as exciting now and they were then. From the 1960s to present day, vehicle auctions continue to be one of our most popular functions! The surplus property program was transferred from the state Division of the Budget to the Office of General Services as part of the original 1960 state government reorganization. Nothing beats the excitement of an auctioneer speeding through bids and shouting "SOLD!" to the highest bidder. 

The inventory control, repair, and disposal of surplus property are functions closely associated with procurement and supply. Accordingly, the surplus property responsibilities of the Division of Budget should be transferred to the new Office of General Services. 

- Ronan Report, 1959


Vehicle auction from 1966.
Surplus vehicle auction, August 1966.


...and Now

This Bentley, auctioned in 2019, drew a huge crowd. Although OGS was unable to hold auctions in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we look forward to being back in business soon! 

Present day auction for a Bentley.
Vehicle auction, July 2019.