Unloading cargo at the Empire State Plaza loading docks.

Empire State Plaza Dockmaster

Scheduling Deliveries to the Empire State Plaza

Delivery Locations

The OGS Dock-Master Unit coordinates all deliveries to the:

  • Empire State Plaza (P-1 level);
  • Swan Street Building (loading dock);
  • Alfred E. Smith State Office Building (loading dock); and
  • New York State Capitol (Washington Avenue loading area).

Anyone ordering goods, or arranging for a delivery of any type to one of these locations must schedule with Dock-Master Unit at least 24 hours in advance. It is the responsibility of the individual placing the order to ensure the vendor is aware of this policy. Vehicles attempting to deliver without prior scheduling will not be permitted to enter the facility. 

Use the delivery request form to schedule a delivery: 

Delivery Request Form

Delivery Guidelines

  • Inspection personnel (under the direction of the State Police) are stationed at each loading area. Upon arrival, all vehicles are subject to search.
  • Vehicles will be assigned a dock as close as possible to the receiving party.
  • The maximum truck size that can deliver to the P-1 level of the Empire State Plaza is 50' in length and 13'6" in height. Trucks enter the P-1 level from I-787 arterial ramp (exit 3, Empire Plaza).
  • The maximum truck size that can deliver to the Alfred E. Smith Building is 28' in length, with no height restriction. Deliveries to the Alfred E. Smith building enter the dock area off Washington Avenue.

Vendors Exempt from Delivery Scheduling

Several vendors are already on a delivery schedule with the Dock-Master Unit. You do not need to notify the Dock-Master Unit if your order is to be delivered by commercial vendors such as:

  • U.S. Postal Service;
  • Federal Express;
  • United Parcel Service (UPS);

Additional vendors may also be pre-scheduled with the Dock-Master Unit - call in advance to verify.


For directions to the Empire State Plaza please visit the following page:


 Directions to Empire State Plaza

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