Dulles Rehabilitation

Dulles State Office Building

State-of-the-Art Sound and Visual Systems for a Modernized Theater Experience
Dulles State Office Building Auditorium Rehabilitation
The Project
Interior view of the Dulles Auditorium in Watertown.
Dulles State Office Building, Watertown
Project Complete: 2021

The Dulles State Office Building is the center for state government operations in the North Country. Constructed in 1970, the building is named for John Foster Dulles who was Secretary of State under President Eisenhower. The Dulles State Office Building is an important center for the surrounding communities and is host to numerous public events throughout the year. The modernization of the Dulles auditorium will help ensure this vital resource will continue to serve the North Country.

The project scope included:

  • Auditorium modernization,  including new flooring, new ADA-compliant seating, handicap ramp for stage access, and new family restrooms. 
  • Auditorium Lighting and AV, including updating the housing lighting controls, replacing aisle lighting, replacing ceiling lights, and installing ceiling speakers to allow for audio zoning
  • Stage, including the installation of a new oak hardwood floor and automated curtain winch system
  • Stage Lighting and Audio Visual, including the installation of a new dynamic dimming system, new speakers, new LED strip lights, and installation of a front projector screen with a ceiling-mounted projector
  • Control Room, including upgrades to house and stage light controls and the replacement of the sound control system with a digital mixer
  • Dressing Rooms, including the construction of new dressing areas on each side of the auditorium to allow for an ADA-accessible route and accessibility to the stage
  • Auditorium Foyer Toilet Room, including the reconstruction to ADA compliant with additional space for the toilet rooms coming from the coatroom space.
Project and Contractor Team

Regional Supervisor: James Carter
Business Unit Leader: Dana Dostie
Area Supervisor: Garrick Monroe
Team Leader: Nathaniel Walker
Engineer-in-Charge: Steven Plimpton
Project Manager: Gene Bradley
C-Contractor: Bette & Cring, LLC
E-Contractor: Dow Electric, Inc.
H-Contractor: Burns Bros Contractors LLC
P-Contractor: Burns Bros Contractors LLC
Design Consultant: Bernier, Carr & Assoc. Eng. Arch. And Land Surveyors, P.C.