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We’re excited to share some of our work on recent campaigns and on branding initiatives.

We don’t just dive in headfirst at the start of each project. We research, strategize, and collaborate until we're nearly subject matter experts. From competitive gap analysis reports and user journeys to editorial calendars and social media deep-dives, we make sure we are always working for our number-one client: the end user.

2022 Cannabis Conversations Campaign

For the first time in history, cannabis was legalized for recreational use in New York State. Working with the New York State Office of Cannabis Management (OCM), we launched a phased approach to educate New Yorkers statewide on new laws and the social equity implications of expunging records.

We had to first inform the public, then we aimed to change perceptions of cannabis use amongst New Yorkers. We brainstormed, created, and released content spanning seven different messages for public awareness. Our team was honored to make history by creating and airing the first-ever cannabis-related commercial to air on national television. 

2022 Cannabis Conversations Campaign: General Message

2022 Cannabis Conversations Campaign: Social Equity

2020 Voting Campaign


Short on time but with a $5 million budget, our team produced a voting campaign for the NYS Board of Elections that ran statewide across virtually all platforms, in English and Spanish, in the fall of 2020. You may have seen at least one ad in the series: early voting, three ways to vote, Election Day, quick facts, and a thank-you for voting. We ended up reaching millions of New Yorkers with more than 178 million impressions, 844,000 clicks, and 15 million video completes.

This graphic shows how we reached New Yorkers during our 2020 voting campaign.

2020 Voting Campaign

These are a few of the voting campaign videos for broadcast.

Be the Change

Branding doesn't have to be boring. Here are urban panels we designed for the New York City metro area as part of a comprehensive recruitment campaign for the New York State Police (2021-2022).