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New York State Public Buildings Law § 8(6)

Pursuant to New York State Public Buildings Law § 8(6), effective January 11, 2020, for any projects where the project design commenced on or after January 1, 2020 and for any contracts over $5,000 for the work of construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, or improvement of any State building, a responsible and reliable New York State certified Minority or Women-Owned Business Enterprise (“MWBE”) that submits a bid within ten percent of the lowest bid will be deemed the apparent low bidder provided that the MWBE bid is $1,400,000 or less, as adjusted annually for inflation beginning January 1, 2020. If more than one responsible and or reliable MWBE firm meets these requirements, the MWBE firm with the lowest bid will be deemed the apparent low bidder.

How to acquire contract documents: 

Bidding and contract documents for OGS construction projects are available for download from Bid Express®, the hosting service for OGS’ Electronic Plan Room. Vendors wishing to download these documents must complete a one-time registration for the Bid Express service. There is no cost to register for Bid Express, which can be accessed at the following link:



After a vendor has registered with the Bid Express service, they may download bid documents by accessing the following link:



For additional information about Bid Express, please call their customer support team at 888-352-BIDX (2439) for live support, email the Bid Express team at [email protected], or refer to the Vendor Resource page the Bid Express Website.


For questions about the bid document ordering process, please email [email protected] or call 518-474-0203. 


Follow this link for project-specific inquiries.

Emergency Contracting Opportunities

The Office of General Services Design & Construction (D&C) Group awards approximately 325 emergency contracts annually. Bids for emergency contracts may be taken over the phone and require an immediate response and performance of the work. Emergency contracts are of short duration and are usually awarded on a cost-plus basis, typically for $300,000 or less. In extraordinary circumstances, contracts shall not exceed $1,500,000. Learn more about how to be added to the Emergency Contractor Bidders List:


Emergency Contracting Opportunities

Trade Code Designations

Code Trade Description
B Hazardous Material Remediation/Removal/Disposal of hazardous materials, i.e., PCB's, Petroleum, Chemical, Biohazard and excluding Asbestos and Lead.
C Construction General Building Construction - Masonry/Carpentry including associated Excavation, etc., Concrete and Steel, and Interior/Renovation, etc. (does not include Mechanical/Electrical)
E Electrical Installation/Repair of Electrical Systems under 600 volts including Exterior Lighting - CCTV.
G Environmental Installation/Repair of Exterior Water/Sewer/Storm including associated Excavation and site work.
H HVAC Installation/Repair of all Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Temperature Controls, Boilers, Chillers, Air Handlers, Pumps.
N Fire Protection Installation/Repair of Fire Protection/Sprinkler Systems including Standpipes, Fire Pumps, and Fire Suppression.
P Plumbing Installation/Repair of Interior Roof Leaders, Plumbing Repairs including Water, Waste, and Vent.
T Roofing Installation/Repair - Accessories. Certification required in a specified system.
U Elevator Repair/Installation/Modernization of Elevators, Escalators, and Dumbwaiters.
V High Voltage Installation/Repair of Electrical Systems over 600 volts including Generators, Transformers, Switchgear, Feeders, Overhead Pole LINE Work.


Bid Informality Code List

A listing of informalities that may result in a bid being disqualified. The listing is not comprehensive and there are other informalities that may occur causing disqualification; however, many of the common types of informalities encountered are listed. If an informality in the bid occurs, the appropriate code will appear next to the bid on the bid results with an explanation of the code. Bid Disqualifications are final.

Bid Informality Code List

Bid Submission Guidelines

Deadline: All bids and/or bid modifications must be received and stamped by the time stated in the bid documents. 

Submitting Bids in Person: Bids are accepted at: Contract Awards, 35th Floor, Corning Tower, Empire State Plaza. 

Important Building Access Procedures for Delivered Bids: Building access procedures are in effect at the Corning Tower.

  • Photo identification is required.
  • All visitors must register for building access for delivering bids.
  • Proposers are encouraged to pre-register by contacting the OGS D&C Contract Awards Office at 518-474-0203 at least 24 hours prior to arrival.
  • If you pre-registered: Pre-registered visitors are to report to the visitor desk located on the Concourse level of the Corning Tower. Upon presentation of appropriate photo identification, the visitor will be allowed access to the building.
  • If you did not pre-register: Upon arrival at the visitor desk, visitors that have not pre-registered will be directed to a designated phone to call the Contract Awards Office. Access will not be allowed until the system has been updated. Visitors are encouraged to pre-register to ensure timely access to the building.
  • Proposers who intend to deliver bids or conduct business with OGS should allow extra time to comply with these procedures. These procedures may change or be modified at any time. 

Submitting Bids by Fax: Call 518-474-0203 to make sure the fax was received. Be advised that bid modifications received after 2:00 p.m. on the bid opening date cannot be accepted. 

What to include in your bid envelope: The following documents must be submitted in the bid envelope provided in accordance with the instructions to bidders contained in the project manual: 

Providing accurate information on bid forms is essential. The award of a contract may be delayed if the information provided is inaccurate. Please ensure that the correct company name and Federal Identification Number is entered on the bid forms and on the bid envelope since this information is used to complete Agreements and Bonds. 


How to Submit Bid Bond Deposits

A bid bond form is provided with the bid documents if a bid bond is required to be submitted. The use of company forms, etc. is not acceptable, and, if the form provided is not used, the bid bond will be declared informal and the bid may be subject to being disqualified. When submitting bid bonds with bids, please do not staple the bid form and the bid bond form together.

Be sure to use care in the execution of a bid bond. The most common error is the corporate acknowledgment date preceding the date of execution of the bond. Please ensure the corporate acknowledgment date is the same as or occurs after the date of the bond. Bonds submitted with such errors are deemed informal and are subject to disqualification if not corrected within a 24-hour period.

Surety companies used for bid bonds must be licensed to do business in New York State. Use of a company not licensed as such will result in the bid being disqualified. 

Submitted bid bonds must contain original signatures of both the surety and contractor. Bid bonds which do not contain original signatures (photocopies are unacceptable) of both the surety and the contractor may be disqualified.

Construction Contractor Procurement Forms

Construction Contractor Forms

All construction contractor forms for managing and reporting, including:

  • Field orders/change orders
  • Work order modification
  • Emergency contracting
  • Cost-plus percentage fee
  • Insurance
  • MWBE


construction contractor forms


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