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Daniel Saxe
Associate Commissioner for Finance

Daniel Saxe currently serves as the Associate Commissioner for Finance.  He has dedicated most of his professional career to the Office of General Services (OGS), serving for over 35 years within the Bureau of Financial Administration. As Associate Commissioner, Dan’s current portfolio includes the Bureau of Budget Administration and Internal Controls, the Bureau of Accounting, the Agency Procurement Office, and the Energy Planning & Procurement Group.

Previously, he has held positions such as the Assistant Director and Director of Finance, headed the Accounting Unit, the Statewide Capital Assets Program, and the Bureau of Budget and Internal Controls.  During his tenure with Budget, Dan obtained sufficient agency resources for many new agency and enterprise initiatives. He also facilitated the transition and hosting of various financial services for 16 hosted agencies. Over the years, Dan has played a vital role in implementing several automation initiatives, most notably a comprehensive financial system, a state-of-the-art imaging system, a capital assets inventory system, and the transition to the Statewide Financial System. 

He has served his local community as an active volunteer firefighter for over 40 years. 

Dan received his BA in Accounting from Siena College and an MBA from the College of Saint Rose.