Design & Construction Contract Opportunities


Design & Construction has the authority to award various contracts subject to the requirements and restrictions of New York State Law. Methods include Qualifications-based selection, low-bid award, and best value selection. 

Construction Contractor Opportunities

Construction contracts are generally awarded based on price subject to Public Buildings Law and in those cases are awarded based on lowest bid. 


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Consultant Professional Services Opportunities

Professional Consultant contracts for architectural, engineering, or engineering services are generally awarded based on qualifications subject to Section 136-a of the State Finance Law. Other consultant contracts, such as construction management contracts, will be awarded according to section 163 of State Finance Law. 


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Emergency Contracting Opportunities

Get qualified for emergency contracting opportunities! 

OGS Design & Construction awards approximately 325 emergency contracts annually in accordance with Public Buildings Law Section 9. Bids for emergency contracts may be taken over the phone and require an immediate response and performance of the work. Emergency contracts are of short duration and are usually awarded on a cost-plus basis, typically for $300,000 or less. In extraordinary circumstances, contracts shall not exceed $1,500,000. Learn more & get qualified. 


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Construction Opportunities With Other NYS Entities

Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD)

The Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) is authorized under the New York State Public Buildings Law, through the Office of General Services Design & Construction Group, to administer certain design and construction projects on behalf of New York State.

OPWDD is New York State’s second-largest state agency, and is responsible for maintaining more than 1,600 properties within 13 districts across 57 counties in the state. This includes more than 1,000 community residences and over 80-day habilitation programs.

OPWDD regularly posts procurement opportunities for contractors that can help to maintain their portfolio of properties and ensure the safety and well-being of the people they are entrusted with supporting.  Follow the links below to find opportunities with OPWDD:


OPWDD Procurement Opportunities


View construction opportunities with OPWDD and other New York State entities on the New York State Contractor Reporter:


Contract Reporter

Electronic Notification of Contract Opportunities

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Design & Construction has a program that will enable any vendor to be notified of upcoming projects that match the counties and construction specialties in their "Vendor Interest Profile." Vendors also have the ability to be listed on the OGS website as a potential subcontractor or supplier for those same construction projects. Businesses are encouraged to register to receive notifications and obtain bid documents. 


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New York State Contract Reporter

Design & Construction also posts bid solicitations on the New York State Contract Reporter. The Contract Reporter is a centralized portal for state business solicitations, businesses are encouraged to register on the Contract Reporter to receive notifications from OGS and other state agencies.


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