Exterior view of Building 4 at the Harriman Campus.

Building 4 at the Harriman Campus

A Light-Filled, High-Performance Building Reimagined for a Collaborative Workforce
Building 4 Harriman Campus Rehabilitation
The Project
Exterior view of Building 4 at the Harriman Campus.
Location: Albany, New York
Project Complete: 2021

The total rehabilitation of Building 4 is the latest significant project completed in the Harriman Campus revitalization program.

The project scope included:

  • Total demolition of exterior walls and floors down to bare steel and concrete to avoid any hazmat left behind;
  • The construction of a new raised access floor throughout the building;
  • A fully glazed exterior curtain wall; and
  • A total renovation of all building elements.
New Features Highlights
Systems & Sustainability
Interior view of Building 4 at the Harriman Campus.
  • Full building management system, programmable with remote access and monitoring

  • Fiber optic phone and internet feeds

  • Replacement elevators for two existing cars and one new elevator

  • 100% outside air changes with upgraded filters on air handling units

  • Energy-efficient full exterior glass curtain wall

  • Hand-free faucets and auto-flush toilets and urinals

  • Three electric vehicle charging stations

  • Dimmable LED lighting with occupancy sensors







New Features Highlights
Safety & Security
Interior view of Building 4 at the Harriman Campus.
  • Fully fire-sprinklered & fire alarm with 24/7 monitoring

  • Card access to all secured areas

  • Stand-alone emergency generator along with quick connect option for trailered generator back-up (redundancy for critical systems and security)

  • Total abatement of hazmat materials, including Asbestos fireproofing, asbestos flooring and adhesives, Asbestos roofing materials, PCB caulking, and lead paint 

  • 24/7 Command center and large modern 5,800 square foot High-Density storage room

  • Code-required commission and fully coordinated BIM design model for utility systems




Project & Contractor Team


Renovated staircase at Building 4, Harriman Campus.

Regional Supervisor: Michael Mitchell

Business Unit Leader: Dana Dostie

Area Supervisor: Davin Card

Team Leader: Ryan Renak

Engineer-in-Charge: Davin Card

Project Manager: Paul Kruggel

Design Consultant: STV Inc.