Office of General Services

New York State Office of General Services - Design & Construction - Consultant Procurement Forms

Consultant Procurement Forms

BDC 63 Consultant Multiplier Calculation Form
BDC 64-64.1 Construction Management Consultant Overhead Rate Forms
BDC 66.1 Consultant Employee Wage Rate Schedule
BDC 325 Consultant's List of Subconsultants Vendor Responsibility Review
BDC 327 Consultant's Utilization Plan
BDC 327 Instr Consultant's Utilization Plan Instructions
BDC 330 OGS Letter of Interest Supplement
BDC 330.1 OGS Letter of Interest for Non-Professional Contracts
BDC 333 Application for MWBE Waiver
BDC 333 Instr Application for MWBE Waiver Instructions
BDC 58.1 Cumulative Monthly Payment Statement
BDC 58.1 Instr Cumulative Monthly Payment Statement Instructions
BDC 335 Joint Venture Form
DCA-3 Offerer Disclosure of Prior Non-Responsibility Determinations
VRQ New York State Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire