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OGS identifies federal surplus items for acquisition and performs searches to locate special request items. Examples of previously acquired federal surplus property items include helicopters, airplanes, boats, backhoes, bulldozers, office furniture, trailers, vehicles, generators, and a variety of other miscellaneous equipment.

The acquisition and use of federal surplus property saves OGS customers millions of dollars each year. Recipients are only obligated to pay an administrative fee to OGS for the transfer of the property. Administrative fees are a percentage of the original acquisition cost provided by the federal government and can be found on all GSAXcess postings. The fees are calculated as follows: 10% for new/unused items, 5% for repairable/usable items, and 2% for items intended for salvage. 

Recipients are also required to follow mandatory compliance guidelines. Generally, compliance periods are as follows: one year for items less than $5,000 in value, eighteen months for all motor vehicles and all equipment over $5,000, and up to five years or more for some items such as aircraft and boats.

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GSAXcess.gov for Excess and Surplus Personal Property

GSAXcess is operated by the General Services Administration and is used to search for federal surplus property that is available for transfer throughout the United States. These are in addition to the current offerings that NYS Federal Surplus has reviewed in person. Customers are provided with a login for GSAXcess once their eligibility application is approved. Customers then contact NYS Federal Surplus when they locate something of interest.  The Want List feature allows the GSA to search for saved items of interest, saving time for customers.

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