Ademola Olugebefola

Ademola Olugebefola


Olugebefola was an original member of the Weusi Artist Collective and became the first Educational Director of the Weusi Academy of African Arts and Studies in 1969.

“‘The Blue-eyed Pied Piper’ represents a meshing of many personal ideas and impressions of African forms that were dominant in my work in the sixties… From strictly an art point of view, theoretically the work was attacking what I felt was a problem of confinement in painting. The four-edged square or rectangular surface needed expansion, so the circular shapes extending to the edge of the painting was an attempt to create ‘visual music’ or limitless space. The ultimate objective was to create imagery with a message while retaining aesthetic appeal. Using the metaphor of the pied-piper seemed to be the natural vehicle to express in poetic terms, a title that at once was    descriptive but independent of the visual work in its significance.” – Ademola Olugebefola, 1981

The Blue-Eyed Pied Piper


The Blue-Eyed Pied Piper by Ademola Olugebefola


Title: The Blue-Eyed Pied Piper  
Artist: Ademola Olugebefola (b. 1941)            
Date: 1965
Medium: oil on canvas             
34 ¼ x 43 ¼ inches
Accession Number: H77.55








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