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9.9. Does an Offerer’s inclusion on the List of Debarred Offerers maintained by the Office of General Services under State Finance Law §139-j(10)(b) require the Governmental Entities to remove the Offeror from their bidders list(s) for the four years? (Last Updated: 7/15/2019)

State Finance Law §139-j(10)(b) does not require that Governmental Entities remove a debarred Offerer from bidders’ list(s).  Instead, the statute provides that the debarred Offerer is ineligible to submit a proposal on or be awarded any Procurement Contract for a period of four years from the date of the second final determination that an impermissible Contact was knowing and willful.  Thus, when receiving proposals, it is recommended that the Governmental Entity consult the debarred Offerer listing to ensure that an Offerer is not ineligible to submit a proposal.  The listing can be found at (Click on List of Debarred Offerers on the Left Side of the Page)


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