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9.7. Does debarment apply to persons as well as to vendors or contractors? (Last Updated: 6/14/2010)

Yes, the debarment applies to persons as well as to vendors and contractors. An Offerer is defined as the individual or entity, or any employee, agent or consultant or person acting on behalf of such individual or entity, that Contacts a Governmental Entity about a Governmental Procurement during the Restricted Period of such Governmental Procurement whether or not that individual or entity has a financial interest in the outcome of the Governmental Procurement. An individual doing business with a Governmental Entity will be debarred and treated the same with respect to the debarment provisions of State Finance Law §139-j (10)(b) just as another entity, such as a corporation, doing business with a Governmental Entity.

See §139-j (1)(h) of the State Finance Law.


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