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7.6. What records does the Governmental Entity have to maintain? (Last Updated: 6/14/2010)

During the Restricted Period, the Governmental Entity must maintain a Procurement Record detailing any oral, written or electronic communication which is intended to influence the Governmental Entity’s conduct or decision regarding a Governmental Procurement. The Procurement Record must contain the following information:

a. Name, address, telephone number, place of principal employment and occupation of the person or organization making the Contact (State Finance Law §139-k (4)).

b. Whether the person or organization making the Contact was the Offerer or a lobbyist (State Finance Law §139-k (4)).

c. If applicable, a statement providing the basis for termination of a Procurement Contract award due to the failure of the Offerer to provide a certification that all information provided relating to the requirements of State Finance Law §139-k are complete, true and accurate (State Finance Law §139-k (5)).

d. A statement describing the basis for any award to an Offerer in which the Governmental Entity determines the Offerer to be non-responsible or to have failed to disclose a previous determination of non-responsibility (State Finance Law §139-j (10) (b)).


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