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4.3. What kinds of contracts are not subject to the new State Finance Law requirements? (Last Updated: 6/14/2010)

A:  The following are excluded from the definition of “procurement contracts:” 

-  Grants;

-  Contracts covered by Article 11-B of the State Finance Law;

-  Contracts between not-for-profit organizations, as defined in Article 11-B of the State Finance Law, and the Unified Court System;

-  Intergovernmental agreements;

-  Railroad and utility force accounts,

-  Utility relocation project agreements or orders;

-  Contracts governing organ transplants;

-  Contracts allowing for state participation in trade shows;

-  Eminent domain transactions;

-  Contracts or other agreements for an article of procurement involving an annualized expenditure of $15,000 or less; and

-  Amendments, extensions, renewals or change orders that are authorized and payable under the terms of the contract as it was finally awarded or approved by the Office of the State Comptroller, as applicable.

See Legislative Law §1-c(r), SFL §139-j(1)(g), and SFL §139-k(1)(g).


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