Rules and Regulations

Chapter VI - Miscellaneous

Subchapter A General Rules

Part 330
Public Access To Records Of The Office Of General Services

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330-1 General Rules
330-2 Access to personal information

Part 332
Procedures For Declarative Rulings

332.1 General procedures

Part 333
Services Provided By Organizations For The Blind Or Other Severely Handicapped

333.1 Policy and scope
333.2 Guidelines for eligibility
333.3 Procedure for filing application for designation as preferred source
333.4 Price approval or price adjustment
333.5 General guidelines
333.6 Requirement for approval of administrative surcharge

Part 335
Charitable Contributions Through State Employees Federated Appeals

335.1 Policy, purpose, and scope
335.2 Definitions
335.3 Local SEFA Committees
335.4 Statewide SEFA Council
335.5 Statewide SEFA Cabinet
335.6 Qualifications and applications for participation in a SEFA campaign
335.7 Federated community campaign, eligibility provisions, functions and duties
335.8 Substitutions of existing federated community campaigns
335.9 Revocation of eligibility of a participant and appeal process
335.10 Distribution of contributions and pledges among participating organizations