Rules and Regulations

Chapter IV - Facilities Planning and Operation

Subchapter A Division of Building Administration
Part 300
Facility Use

Link to the NYCRR page of the New York State Department of State (DOS) website:
300-1 General
300-2 Administrative Rules
300-3 Prohibited and Controlled Activities

Part 301
Use Of State Property

301.1 Applicability, Policy
301.2 Types of activities allowed
301.3 Types of activities not allowed
301.4 Fees
301.5 Procedure for application to use State property for other than public assemblies
301.6 Procedures for application to use State property for public assembly
301.7 Right to decline an application
301.8 Right to limit use due to unforeseen circumstances
301.9 Scheduling, cancellation, consistency with application

Part 302
Facility Parking And Traffic

302.1 Purpose, scope, authority
302.2 General parking rules applicable to all vehicles
302.3 Limitation of liability

Part 303
Automated External Defibrillation

303.0 Purpose
303.1 Definitions
303.2 Implementation
303.3 Location of AEDs
303.4 Operators
303.5 AED administration
303.6 AED equipment
303.7 Medical support
303.8 Responsibilities
303.9 AED replacement schedule