Rules and Regulations

Chapter III - Division of Central Operations

Subchapter B Bureau of Parking Services
Part 296
Parking Of Vehicles At Paid Parking Facilities

Link to the NYCRR page of the New York State Department of State (DOS) website:
296-1 Parking of Vehicles at Paid Parking Facilities
296-2 Visitor Parking at Paid Parking Facilities

Subchapter C Division of Communications

Part 297
Use Of State-Owned High Rise Buildings
For Telecommunications Facilities

297.1 Applicability
297.2 Eligibility for use
297.3 Fees
297.4 Installation costs
297.5 User responsibilities
297.6 Office of General Services responsibilities

Subchapter D Bureau of Federal Property Assistance

Part 298
Federal Surplus Property
298.1 Introduction
298.2 Designation of State agency
298.3 Inventory control and accounting systems
298.4 Return of donated property
298.5 Financing and service charges
298.6 Terms and conditions on donable property
298.7 Nonutilized donable property
298.8 Fair and equitable distribution
298.9 Eligibility
298.10 Compliance and utilization
298.11 Consultation with advisory bodies, public and private groups
298.12 Audits
298.13 Cooperative agreements
298.14 Liquidation
298.15 Forms
298.16 Records
298.17 Standards for amendment of terms, conditions, reservations or restrictions on property