Rules and Regulations

Chapter I - Procurement Services Group

Part 250
Purchasing Procedures and Purchases from Preferred Sources

Link to the NYCRR page of the New York State Department of State (DOS) website:
250.0 Operating principles, purpose, intent and applicability
250.1 Definitions
250.2 General provisions for purchasing commodities
250.3 Investigations
250.4 General provisions for purchasing services
250.5 Process for conducting State procurements
250.6 Discretionary buying thresholds
250.7 Method of procurement
250.8 Public notice
250.9 Soliciting and accepting offers
250.10 Letting of contracts
250.11 Reasonableness of results
250.12 Purpose of preferred sources
250.13 Preferred status
250.14 Public list of services and commodities provided by preferred sources
250.15 Priority accorded preferred sources
250.16 Prices charged by the Department of Correctional Services
250.17 Prices charged by agencies for the blind, other severely disabled and veterans' workshops
250.18 Partnering with preferred sources
250.19 Procedure for agency noncentralized printing purchases
250.20 Special procedures for printing purchases
250.21 Vendor Responsibility Standards and Determinations