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Increase Recycling in the Office


One way to help reduce waste generation is through improving your office recycling program. Office recycling programs can be improved in a variety of ways and provides a significant opportunity to divert recyclable and compostable materials from the waste stream. From finding out what recyclable materials are accepted by your waste hauler, to organizing your recycling bins and enhancing your office outreach strategy, this information will give you steps and ideas on how to approach your office's recycling goals.

General Tips to Increase Office Recycling  

Find Out What's Accepted for Recycling

Not all waste haulers accept all types of recyclable and compostable materials. Whether your collection service is provided by your town, a private hauler, or the agency building management, it is important to learn what is and isn't accepted and how to sort office waste for maximum recycling potential. The following tips can help you get started:

Make Recycling Easy

Your office recycling, composting, and trash collection system should be as convenient as possible to encourage use. In general, place recycling and composting containers wherever you have trash containers. Containers should also be appropriately labeled with helpful signage about what does/does not belong in each container.

Electronic Waste Recycling  


Electronic recycling is an important aspect of any office or agency recycling program. During the electronics recycling process, valuable materials can be extracted and recovered from the electronics and made into new products. Recycling electronic waste:


When disposing of electronic waste, use the following guidelines:

Plastic Bag and Film Plastic Recycling  

From our communities to our waterways and our local open spaces, plastic bags are visible almost anywhere you look. Pieces of plastic bags also appear in animals that live in our lands, forests, lakes, and oceans. Plastic bag and film plastic recycling is not currently part of state agency recycling programs. However, through following proper procedures and recycling laws, agencies can incorporate plastic bag and film plastic recycling programs into their existing recycling programs. By setting up a plastic bag and film plastic recycling program, your agency can improve its waste reduction initiatives, help save and protect natural resources and wildlife, and decrease litter. The following tips will help you get started:

Waste Reduction and Recycling Resources  

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