Get There Green! 2021
Get There Green!
September 20-26, 2021
Get There Green - a poster encouraging people to sign up for green transportation.


Get There Green! (#GTG21) is a week to promote and celebrate more sustainable modes of transportation. This year it is taking place on September 20 through 26 during Climate Week NYC. During this week everyone is encouraged to join in a week of climate action by using a more sustainable mode of transportation for as many trips as they can. These include:

  • walking;
  • biking;
  • taking public transit;
  • carpooling;
  • driving an electric vehicle, or;
  • anything else that isn't driving alone in a fossil fuel-powered vehicle.


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Get There Green! is Taking Place September 20-26, 2021
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Registration by Type
Walking: 192
Biking: 238
Carpooling: 148
Mass Transit: 248
EV: 147
Other: 407
Reasons to Get There Green


Transportation represents the largest source of New York State's greenhouse gas emissions and the largest part of most New Yorker's personal carbon footprint as well. This is why it is critically important that we all lower our emissions from transportation in order to meet our nation-leading economy-wide greenhouse gas emission reduction goals of 40% of 1990 emission levels by 2030, 85% by 2050, and ultimately net-zero. Learn more about the impacts of climate change in New York.

Graphic displaying the percentages of greenhouses gases in NYS.


Reasons to Participate

By using a more sustainable mode of transportation for your trips during Get There Green!, you'll be joining thousands of fellow New Yorkers in not only directly improving our environment, but you may also discover that sustainable transportation is a great option for your trips.

Plus, you may discover that a more sustainable mode of transportation is both relaxing and enjoyable!

How To Participate

Pledge the trips you’ll be using green transportation for with us to have your emissions reductions count towards our overall total. It just takes a minute! If you’re pledging multiple trips, enter them as separate entries.

Take Your Trip(s)

Simply walk, bike, take public transit, carpool, drive an electric vehicle, or use another form of sustainable transportation (not driving alone in a fossil fuel-powered vehicle) for the trip(s) you pledged.


While on your trip(s), and in a safe manner, take a selfie and post it to social media using #GTG21 to let everyone know about your awesome green trip!