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Green Your Fleet

Limit Miles Traveled  

The easiest way to green your fleet is to find ways to reduce the need for travel and limit the miles you put on your vehicles. The following strategies will help:

Right-Size Fleet Vehicles  

Purchase the Right Vehicle for the Job

One of the simplest ways to green your fleet is to ensure you have properly sized vehicles for your agency’s operational needs. When ordering a new vehicle, look at its duty cycle and choose the smallest and most efficient vehicle to get the job done. For example, for local travel, choose a plug-in hybrid sedan or a mid-sized pickup over a full-sized vehicle.

Use the Correct-Sized Vehicle for the Job

Another simple way to green your fleet is to ensure that employees are using the correct-sized vehicle for the job. For example, use a sedan to drive to a meeting, not a van or a pick-up. Many agencies use a reservation system that asks what the employee plans to use the vehicle for and assigns vehicles accordingly. By ensuring that you use the most efficient vehicle for the job you will save money and fuel. For example, an employee going on a 100-mile trip driving a 50-MPG hybrid sedan will use 3 fewer gallons of fuel than if they took a 20-MPG SUV. The savings can add up!

Procure Fuel Efficient and Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs)  

To learn about upcoming aggregate purchase opportunities please contact Pamela Hadad-Hurst, 518-402-2789, or Michael Matthews, 518-457-1744.

Use Advanced Fleet Management  

Green your fleet by ensuring it is operating as efficiently as possible. Consider using a fleet management system that tracks vehicle usage, mileage, and maintenance to make sure that your vehicles aren't traveling more miles than necessary on trips and are getting the expected fuel economy. In addition, a telematics system can be added to your fleet to track how the vehicles are driven and allow you to see if driver habits are using more fuel than necessary.

Green Fleet Resources & Related Initiatives  

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