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Evaluate Your Agency's Waste Generation

Conduct an Agency Waste Audit  

Conducting an agency waste audit is the first step towards reducing waste at your agency. Establishing a waste data baseline is important for identifying the types and sources of waste generated by your agency. A waste audit alone will not reduce your waste, rather it is a starting point for helping your agency make informed decisions on where to implement waste reduction and recycling programs and initiatives.

Waste Audit Guides  

Waste audit guides are a helpful tool, whether you are using them to familiarize yourself with the process or presenting the waste audit process to a group. The purpose of the provided waste audit guides is to help you and your office or agency take the first step in learning about waste audits and how they can help your agency reduce their waste.

For additional waste audit guidance, you can contact the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's Recycling & Outreach section (518-402-8706 or

Waste Audit Data Collection Sheets 

A primary goal of a waste audit is to collect accurate data that can be analyzed and assessed in order to pinpoint areas for waste reduction and recycling improvement and where additional education may be helpful within your office or agency. If you are looking to track food waste in particular at your agency in order to propose the rollout of a composting program, a specific food waste log can be helpful in the data tracking process.

Quick Tips for Conducting a Successful Waste Audit 

When planning your first waste audit, these tips will help you and your team successfully complete a waste audit:

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