Visit The Empire State Plaza & New York State Capitol

Visit the Empire State Plaza and New York State Capitol

Tours at the Empire State Plaza
& New York State Capitol

New York State Capitol 

Sitting majestically atop Albany’s State Street hill, the New York State Capitol has served as the seat of government for New York since the 1880s. The building is a marvel of late 19th-century architectural grandeur, built by hand of solid masonry over a period of 32 years. All tours of the New York State Capitol last up to one hour and are free of charge.

Security: Visitors to the Capitol are required to pass through metal detectors and have bags scanned through an x-ray machine. Personal belongings such as backpacks and large bags should be left behind. Sharp objects, such as pocket knives, nail clippers, weapons, and nuisance devices such as whistles and noise makers are not allowed into the building.

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Capitol Hauntings Tours 

In tales that mix history with the macabre, tour guides will tell stories about the night watchman who died in the Capitol fire of 1911 and who some believe still makes his rounds today. They also recount tales of the two United States presidents who visited the Capitol after they died.

Find out where the Assembly Chamber’s “lost” murals are located and what happened to the tormented artist who created them. Walking among the gargoyle-like carvings and strange carved faces, visitors will discover the location of the Capitol’s “secret demon” and evidence of a curse the demon may hold on the Capitol will be revealed, along with other dark secrets. The tour lasts about an hour, but the chilling, ghostly tales might haunt you forever.

Given from September 17 through November 2, the free Capitol Hauntings tours will be offered:


Empire State Plaza Art Collection 

Art historians have called the Empire State Plaza Art Collection "the greatest collection of modern American art in any single public site that is not a museum." The Collection was formed under the direction of Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller during construction of the Empire State Plaza (1966–1978). Ninety-two works of Abstract Expressionist art are on permanent display throughout the Plaza.

The Plaza Art Collection is a public collection owned by the people of New York State and cared for by the New York State Office of General Services.

Tours of the Plaza Art Collection are offered by appointment, Monday - Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

To schedule a tour, call the Empire State Plaza Vistor Center at (518) 474-2418.

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Art for Lunch: Lunchtime Tours of the Empire State Plaza Art Collection

This FREE 30-minute lunchtime tour invites all to learn more about Abstract Expressionism and discover new ways of looking at the Empire State Plaza Art Collection. Each tour will focus on a different selection of artworks and on various themes including, Art in Public Spaces, Art and War, Art Inspired by Native America, the history of the Plaza Art Commission and a special Halloween themed tour! Weather permitting, tours will visit pieces both inside on the concourse and outdoors on the Plaza.

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New York State Education Building 

Visitors are invited to combine their Saturday Capitol tour with a tour of the New York State Education Building. Visitors must reserve separately for each tour. See below for dates, times and registrations.

The Education Building of the State of New York was completed in 1912 and was the first major governmental building constructed exclusively for educational purposes. The tour begins with a look at the architectural elements of the building. Inside, it includes stops at The Liberty Bell, the Rotunda, the mural paintings, the Regents Room, and concludes with a viewing of the monumental artwork “The Genius of America” in Chancellor’s Hall. (45 minutes)

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New York State Executive Mansion 

The New York State Executive Mansion is located on Eagle Street in downtown Albany. Since 1875, this house has been home to New York's governors and their families. It is a house that is eclectic in style, filled with history and rich with tradition. It remains a fitting symbol of the variety and greatness of the Empire State.

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General Tour: The general tour takes the visitor on a journey through the Mansion, examining its roles as both an official residence and a private home to New York's governors and their families. Tour discussion focuses on past and present New York State governors, architectural history, furnishings and artwork, and the Mansion's present existence as a LEED-certified building.

Student Tour: The student tour focuses on four key periods in the Mansion's history: the Victorian era, 1920s to the mid-1930s, 1960s to the present, and the 21st Century. Through the use of artifacts, furnishings and art, students will explore the Executive Mansion's significance to the culture and history of New York State. The tour culminates with a discussion about the Executive Mansion in the 21st century, including the importance of sustainable living and the Mansion’s LEED-Gold certification.

Pre-Visit Resource Kit For Teachers: Teachers who plan to bring their classes to the Executive Mansion are encouraged to download and use the Mansion Tour Program Resource Kit. The kit provides information and activities designed to enhance the tour experience for the students.


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