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Historic Maps Exhibit

View the exhibit on display in the tunnel connecting the Concourse to the New York State Capitol.

What is this exhibit?

This exhibit features highlights of the historic map collection maintained by the New York State Office of General Services Bureau of Land Management. The collection includes approximately 800 maps that date from the 1600s to the late 1800s and tell the story of how New York State-owned lands were developed over the course of those three centuries.


The Commissioners Plan of 1811

This plan put in place the rectangular grid of streets and lots that is iconic of New York City today. This map is one of the few known originals in existence and has been called the single most important document in New York City’s development.

Historical Map Making

Maps have been produced throughout human history using almost any available material. Maps have been found painted on the walls of Neolithic caves and on pieces of wood and bone unearthed at archaeological sites.

Salt Production in Syracuse

For over a century, Central New York was the hub for the production of salt in the United States. The rapid rise of the salt industry in Syracuse led to the nickname “The Salt City.”

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